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Why you need to know your fragrances

Selling fragrance can sometimes be difficult as most people have some favourites they stick with and many don’t know ours from what can be found in Poundland. As a consultant, it is really important to invest in the fragrance samples so you can let people try our perfumes out. Since most people don’t really want to sniff their way through 30 samples, however, it helps a lot to start with what kind of perfumes they know they like and work from there.

HQ used to produce really good fragrance comparison charts that showed which perfumes on the market ours were closest to, There is also a really good website, Fragrantica, where you can learn more out fragrance and see what the three different notes in each blend is made up of AND learn wht other fragrances each one is similar to. You can even see which perfumer has developed each fragrance and check what other perfumes s/he has made. Most people are quite impressed when they realise Oriflame perfumes are developed by some of the finest perfumers in the world!

Below is an old comparison chart to give you an idea of what they looked like. Shouldn’t be too much work making an up-to-date version. Just let us know if you’d be interested in that. And if you’d rather make your own, please send us a copy so we can keep sharing good practice and help our team grow stronger.


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