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Join our team and let’s make history together

It’s hard to believe, but the company we are so proud to represent as Independent Beauty and Wellness Consultants is 50 years this year. What started as a mad dream turned into a global cosmetics and wellness company with millions of people involved as customers, Consultants, managers and employees.

We’ve linked to this video from Oriflame Cosmetic’s youtube channel to show you our CEO Magnus Brännström and let you hear his words about what makes Oriflame such a great company.

Are you ready to pursue your dream? Join our team today and let us help you start up your own business and guide you on your way towards your dream. Joining us is totally free and there are no hidden agendas or impossible sales targets. You are not required to invest a penny, but we can promise you a very rewarding job opportunity if you are prepared to learn and put in a few hours each week to build a better future for yourself and your family.


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